Gainesville Football At Possum Creek Park!

I’m excited to finally update this site with some more Gainesville Football events! Some small Pickup Football games have been happening at Possum Creek Park in Gainesville Florida. I’d love to get more people out there, and depending on the interest level I will look into getting flags and making it a bigger event.

If you are interested in playing Pickup Football, either two hand touch or Flag Football at Possum Creek Park in Gainesville please feel free to contact me.

Currently I am thinking Monday nights would be a good time.

I have also gotten people together for football at Depot Park. Feel free to let me know if you would be interested in tossing the football with us and we could possible even do some pick up games.

If you are looking for some flag football games on campus the group I used to play with is still actively playing every Friday evening. You can check out that group here:
Gainesville Flag Football Facebook Group Norman Field

There are some other weekend groups I’ve heard about but I need to get more information.

Have a great day full of football!

If you are into frisbee or Ultimate Frisbee, check out !

Thank you 5 Star Landscaping for the support.  They service Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Canton, Belleville, Saline, and Milan.

Thank you to the  Handley Bros for your support!

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