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Gainesville Football Info:

Interested in playing some Flag Football and live in Gainesville Florida?  Then come join us! We bring extra flags for people that might not have them. The games are generally at Norman Field on Friday nights around 7pm but sometimes we play on Saturday and Sunday too.  We are not super athletics and welcome people of all skill levels.  We are competitive but the main priority is everyone having fun!  We even congratulate the other team if they make an awesome play.   Come join us and have some fun, get a workout and play some Gainesville Football!  We also have a Gainesville Flag Football Facebook Group so feel free to stop in and chat with us!

Gainesville Football FAQ:

Q: What is the main purpose of the webpage?
A: The main goal is find local Gainesville football pickup games and tournaments and post the information for people so that there can be the best turnout possible! There seems to be a real lack of Gainesville Football information for games outside of the College arena so the webpage is working towards helping to remedy that and get more Gainesville Football games happening!

Q: Why are there ads on the site?
A: Hosting a webpage costs money and also I can use it to fund the cones, new footballs, flags, etc 🙂

Q: What skill ranges are welcome?
A: Everyone is welcome!  The main goals are to have fun playing football while also getting fit and getting faster!

Q: Are women welcome too?
A: Of course!

Q: Is there any fee involved?
A: Nope! Just bring yourself and be ready to play 🙂

Q: How old do you need to be play?
A: You need to be at least 18 to play for liability reasons but after that there is no age limit. There is even a 35 year old who plays and does great!

Q: Where do you play and where is it located?
A: We generally play on Norman Field every Friday night at around 7:15pm. It is located at the intersection of 13th and Museum.

gainesville football
Gainesville Football!

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Gainesville Football Information and Gainesville Flag Football Games