Howdy! My name is Mike and I started this page because I have recently moved to Gainesville and there are lots of pickup games for everything except Football!  I want to help change that!  This site and play times and everything I’m sure will be changing a lot since it is all very much work in progress but currently I am thinking that it would be great to have games at 11am on Saturdays at Possum Creek Park.  If anyone has any other ideas please let me know!  I am also looking for a park that is lighted enough at night for us to have evening games after work around 6:30pm.   Most likely games will be two hand touch though I might purchase some flags depending on the feedback I get.   I will also be doing stadiums regularly and it might be nice to get a group together for them.

Women and kids are welcome!  Kids may have their own game though depending on how things work out.

Thanks and take care!  Please feel free to register and comment 😀  I might set up some forums too.


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